Research Projects

Sarah Cameron has three main current research projects: 

Citizen Responses to Economic Crisis

This research project investigates the impact of the global financial crisis on political behavior in cross-national comparison. With data from the World Values Survey and the Comparative Study of Electoral Systems, the study explores how the crisis affected trends in voting behavior, civic engagement, political protest and democratic support. 

The Electoral Integrity Project

She joined the Electoral Integrity Project in September 2017 as the Project Manager and Postdoctoral Research Fellow. An independent academic study, the Electoral Integrity Project addresses three questions:

  • When do elections meet international standards of electoral integrity?  
  • What happens when elections fail to do so? 
  • And what can be done to mitigate these problems? 

The project is directed by Professor Pippa Norris, with a research team based at the University of Sydney and the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. 

The Australian Election Study

Sarah has contributed to the Australian Election Study since 2013. She is the co-author of the Australian Election Study trends publication (with Professor Ian McAllister) that tracks the results of post-election public opinion surveys from 1987 to 2016. The 2016 study found record low levels of satisfaction with democracy and trust in government, indicating that Australia is not immune from the problems facing democracy in Europe and the United States. 


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